Your writing career just got a lot easier

Submissions by Biblish aims to solve many of the problems with submitting writing for publication based on our experience from both the writing and publishing side of the process. Submit your writing to one or many of our partner publications, see an access log and notes from the editors, so that you can see at a glance where your piece is in the process as it moves to acceptance or rejection, and accept payment for accepted submissions.

Queries, but easier

Let's make getting published the easiest part about writing

At Biblish, we want to make it easier for great writers to be discovered by dedicated publishers, especially if that writer lacks institutional connections

Take the uncertainty out of queries
With a log of access, comments, and tags that are viewable by the submitter, never wait interminably for a response from the publisher. Get more rapid feedback as the publisher reviews and organizes your submission.
Discover writing opportunities
Biblish's Submission platform helps you discover writing opportunities offered by our partner publications. If your piece is rejected by one publication, there may be another opportunity around the corner, and taking advantage of it takes no more than the click of a button.
Build your resume
Start building a catalogue of published works on Biblish's Submission portal. Move up the opportunities offered by our third partner publishers to get published in journals with greater circulation.
Integrate your activity on Papertrail
Your notes and reading activity on Papertrail can be made available to the publishers whom you submit to. Demonstrate your reading and thinking as a way of making you candidacy for publication stand out.

Let's find you a publishing partner

An early relationship with a dedicated publisher is a huge boon to the writer's work and their career. Why wait?